Monday, April 8, 2013

For any of you who didn't already know.

Momma was put on early maternity leave due to pre term contractions last Monday. It is not a very ideal situation but if it is what is best for our little invader then so be it! She is not on bed rest but must take it easy. I think had she been put on bed rest she would have gone stir crazy instantly!

The contractions are still a daily thing and some days they are much, much worse than others. We are at about 5 weeks until his due date and are excited, anxious, scared and every other imaginable emotion all rolled into one. The most important thing to us though, is that we have been told multiple times that he is doing absolutely perfect in there!

So for now we are just waiting to see if he will be making an early appearance or if he is going to stay in there the rest of the time. Either way we can't wait to meet him, hold him, and bring him home!

I will try to update again with any news that should arise!

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