Friday, January 4, 2013

The Big Reveal.

Snips and Snails...

So a lot of you will have already found out the gender of our second child so I am sorry you are having to see it again. But for those of you who haven't...(drum roll please)

And in case you can not guess by this photo, we are having another BOY!!!! We are so excited to be welcoming Kayson Bae into our little family in May. It is all still a little unreal to me and may not even hit me that we are having another baby until he arrives. It feels nice to call him by name rather than calling him the baby  :) Just a short little announcement today and I will try to make it a point to update this blog more often.

Oh wait!! Another little note we have started The Boy on preschool worksheets and I have been teaching him matching as well as tracing. Everyday is a struggle to get him to pay attention but what can you expect from a three year old right?

                                         ...and puppy dog tails.