Friday, August 9, 2013

3 months (WELL ALMOST)

I feel like this blog isn't as exciting as it would be if this was our adventures with a first born.
Regardless, there is always something new to learn as a mother right? Since we are doing so many things differently this time around we still have a lot of firsts! With Gage, I was unable to breastfeed. Kayson is exclusively breastfed. Gage we used disposable diapers and with Kayson we are cloth diapering and using cloth wipes, and loving it I might add. When Gage was born I was so scared because of being young and a first time parent that I didn't do the amounts of research into every possible option for raising a baby that I should have. I had no idea that baby wearing was a thing when Gage was born, this is something we do with Kayson. Another huge thing that is different this time around, of course, is the fact that we now have TWO littles depending on us. We got to struggle with the final stages of potty training while taking on the exciting adventure of cloth diapers at the same time.
Keeping this one brief but will try to have another update up soon!
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